Dwyer Psychological Services, PC
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Dr. Dwyer offers a full slate of psychological services, with a number of specialities.

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Individual Therapy and Assessment

  • Anxiety Disorders including OCD and trichotillomania (hair pulling/skin picking)
  • Mood Disorders/Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Stress Reactions
  • Adjustment to life changes and stressors
  • Stress Management training
  • Adjustment to learning issues
  • Management of behavioral issues related to AD/HD and Learning Disabilities
  • Women's issues and phase of life issues
  • Parenting skills/child behavior issues
  • Other mental health and behavioral conditions impacting life functioning
  • Comprehensive learning evaluations/diagnosis of learning disabilities
  • Evaluations of AD/HD
  • Evaluations of cognitive functioning
  • General diagnostic evaluations for children, teens, and adults

Presentations to Schools and Businesses

Current Workshop Topics Include:

  • Managing Stress Before it Manages You
  • "But I already passed Geometry!": Supporting your Child as a Learner without Going Back to School Yourself
  • Anxiety Disorders in Children (presentation can be geared towards educational, medical, or mental health professionals, or parent groups)
  • Enhancing Executive Function Skills
  • Communicating to Curb Conflict: Conflict Resolution Skills in the Home and Workplace
  • Change your Thoughts, Change your Mood: An Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Perfectionism: Recognizing Rigid Thinking and Fostering Resiliency in Our Children and Ourselves
  • Psychological Testing: How to Understand and Use Psychological Testing Results in the Classroom
Feel free to talk with me about meeting the needs or your specific organization.  I am comfortable speaking on a variety of topics and can put together a personalized presenation to address your particular needs.

Skills for School Success/Academic and Organizational Coaching

Coaching is designed for people who are looking for personal growth and assistance in reaching their goals.  Similar to a sports coach, an organizational or academic coach offers a measure of accountability, helps keep people on track, and assists in assessing progress towards goals.  Organizational and academic coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  While it may be helpful for children and adults with learning issues or AD/HD, it is not designed to assess or treat these conditions.  Coaching is optimally suited for people without significant mental health symptoms, or for whom symptoms are well controlled through a successful course of psychotherapy or psychopharmacology.  For some individuals with organizational or academic coaching needs and mental health needs, coaching can be incorporated into therapeutic appointments.

 Organizational and Academic Coaching may be for you or your child if:

  • You are impeded in reaching your goals or experiencing academic success because of disorganization in your planning and possession of "stuff" (messy backpacks, lockers, desks, files, etc)
  • You have difficulty reliably keeping track of appointments, assignments, due dates, resulting in being late or missing obligations
  • Working in small "chunks" towards a long term goal or project is difficult for you, resulting in late nights spent the night before a major test, assignment, or presentation
  • Time management is difficult for you, and you often misjudge the amount of time necessary to devote to a project, or find yourself wasting time on the less important details
  • Stress related to your disorganization has taken on a life of it's own, and impedes your progress